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    2. Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)
      Carbon Emission Management
      Cherish every drop of water and every kilowatt hour electricity
      How Do We Reduce Carbon Emissions
      Car Electrification
      Lithium hydroxide and Lithium carbonate products are core raw materials of new energy power batteries. From 2015 to 2019, EVs with Ganfeng’s products inside travelled more than 88 billion kilometers around the world. These EVs have helped reduce more than 22 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
      Clean Energy
      Our lithium batteries are used in the field of energy storage, storing solar energy, wind energy, etc., to provide protection for the use of renewable energy, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and thereby reduce carbon emissions.
      Resource Recycling
      We proactively assume social and environmental responsibilities by launching a comprehensive recycling project for retired lithium batteries and realizing the comprehensive recycling of resources such as lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese.
      Secondary Use of By-products
      The company vigorously promotes a circular economy by fully tapping the resource utilization potential at the end of the production process. We have established an industrial symbiotic relationship with several companies in the cement and glass industries to turn waste into resource.
      Our Promise
      In order to improve the efficiency of environmental management, the company's Basic Lithium Plant has formulated systems such as exhaust gas emission management, water resources management, and carbon emission management to identify risks from exhaust gas, water resources and carbon emissions. At the same time, statistical analysis was made on relevant data for 2017-2019. Combined with forecasts of operating and production data, we set the 2025 target with 2019 as the base year to guide the company in implementing a series of measures to reduce emissions and consumption.
      Basic Lithium Plant 2025 Target for Environmental Management (Compared with 2019)
      Exhaust Gas

      To reduce NOX emissions per ton of LCE by 5%

      To reduce SO2 emissions per ton of LCE by 1%

      To reduce the emission of particles per ton of LCE by 5%

      Water Comsumption

      To reduce water consumption per ton of LCE by 20%

      To increase water circulation rate by 20%

      Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions

      To reduce carbon dioxide emissions per ton of products by 10%

      To reduce coal consumption per ton of products by6%

      Maximize the Use of Limited Resources
      The company vigorously advocates the recycling of wastewater by installing online monitoring facilities at the main wastewater discharge outlet
      The exhaust gas emissions from the company's production process are mainly boiler exhaust gas and tail gas from drying in the lithium salt sector.
      All the company's solid waste is stored by category and harmlessly treated. The company's general solid waste includes boiler slag, coal slag, tailings feldspar powder, raw material packaging paper (boxes), etc.
      The company is zealous in using clean energy. During the year, Ganfeng Battery's photovoltaic power generation was 2.465 million kilowatt-hours.
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