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    2. Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)
      Our Mission
      Utilize limited lithium resources to create a green, clean and healthy life for human development and progress
      We are waiting for you in Ganfeng
      Talent is the source of vitality for enterprise development. Ganfeng lithium industry attaches great importance to talent introduction, establishes and improves employee rights and interests protection mechanism, and constantly expands talent introduction channels to inject new vitality into the company's development. Join Ganfeng, realize your dream and strive with excellent people! We are waiting for you in Ganfeng.

      Human resources should be invested first, willingly and continuously.

      Chairman Li Liangbin
      Why choose Ganfeng
      Value talents
      Attach great importance to the talents recruiting and constantly broaden the channels of talent introduction
      Comprehensive coverage of skills, professional, career, promotion type training, to help the continuous improvement of employees
      Development channel
      Dual channel promotion mechanism, let different types of talents give full play of their advantages
      Salary and welfare
      Offer competitive salary and complete welfare
      Employee Voice
      • "For young people, there are many opportunities and possibilities to work in Ganfeng. Our work can bring benefits to the world, which I am most proud of.
        Simin Wang / Finance Department / Overseas Business Department
      • "There must be principles, patience and responsibility. Only in this way can we implement our system and solve difficulties for colleagues."
        Gu Haiyan / Internal Service / Ganfeng Transportation
      • "Unlike when I was studying, everything here is not just texts and photos, but real products and production lines. From an on-site manager who couldn't understand the drawings to the smooth development of new products, I witness my own growth here."
        Ye Ming / Engineer / Technology Center R&D Department
      • "Ganfeng was the first company I took a job after graduation. I gradually changed from a newcomer to a'master', and even was rated as a model worker. In the future, I hope to lead by example and help the newcomers like my master did. "
        Sun Peng / Production Technology Department / Yichun Ganfeng
      • As a woman, I am proud of Ganfeng Lithium hiring more women. Ganfeng is committed to building a gender-balanced company in the mining industry.
        Carolina Carmona / Environmental Manager / Argentina
      Stories of Ganfeng people
      Natalia Rojo
      I think Ganfeng is the greatest example of how a company can shift fro...
      Ye Ming
      The fun of the experiment is to make a little bit of breakthrough, a l...
      Join us
      We provide rich career development opportunities to ensure that every employee can pursue their career dream in Ganfeng
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